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Be prepared: 3-day excessive heat warning for Tucson area

By Gloria Knott


Today is expected to be the hottest of the three-day excessive heat warning for the Tucson area, but a little relief could come this weekend, the National Weather Service says in its forecast.

A record high was tied Monday in Tucson when the temperature hit 109 degrees, tying 1987 for the daily record.

An excessive heat warning is put in place when high temperatures are expected to reach 105 degrees or more for at least two consecutive hours.

Today's high could reach 112 degrees. The record high for the date is 109, also set in 1987.

Tucson has only hit highs above 110 degrees for more than two consecutive July days four times since 1895, the weather service says.

A heat wave lasted four days in 1995, three days in 1989, two days in 1992, and two days in1907.

Officials say staying hydrated and protected from the blazing sun is crucial and remember to watch out for your pets.

The weather service recommends rescheduling any outdoor activities to mornings or evenings, though temperatures will still be high. And if you walk your pups, keep them in shaded areas to avoid burning their paws on the hot pavement.

But hey, at least we aren't in Phoenix. The temperature there could reach 120 degrees today.

Temperatures are expected to drop later this weekend to below triple digits. And there's a chance monsoons make a comeback.

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With the help of Jaleesa Lopez, 10, far right, her brother, Orlando Celaya, 1, sprays their brother, Marsaleno Oliver, 7, while cooling off in the splash pad at Catalina Park on Monday. Today's temperature is expected to hit a record 112 degrees.


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